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March 8, 2007

Welcome to Dirty Diaper Diaries!

Welcome to our new video blog! The purpose of Dirty Diaper Diaries is to chronicle the lessons we're learning as first-time parents, and encourage other parents to chime in with their own ideas and suggestions. We hope you enjoy the show! - Susanne, Kayleigh and Andy

Diaper Bag Essentials

What's in your diaper bag? Here's what we keep in ours. Think we've got the right stuff in it? Are we missing anything? Post a comment and tell us what you keep in your bag.

March 17, 2007

Breastfeeding in Public

Shy about breastfeeding in public? Here's everything you wanted to know but were afraid to ask. And if you have any of your own tips or stories, please share them!

March 24, 2007

Air Travel With Baby

Are you freaked out about flying with your baby for the first time as much as we were? Don't worry - turns out it's not as difficult as it sounds. Here are some tips we pulled together the first time we flew with Kayleigh.

Have any of your own air travel tips? Feel free to post a comment or upload a video of your own.

March 29, 2007

Childproofing Your Home

Is your baby about to start crawling? You'd better get to work, then, because it's time to childproof your home. Everything from electric outlets to trash cans to dangling curtain strings could be potential hazards. Here's a checklist of some of the things we're doing to make our apartment safe for Kayleigh. We'd love to hear some of your suggestions as well!
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