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Diaper Bag Essentials

What's in your diaper bag? Here's what we keep in ours. Think we've got the right stuff in it? Are we missing anything? Post a comment and tell us what you keep in your bag.

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Well done!


I also pack extra breastpads for me, and when Elsa was really young, an extra shirt for me, since it seemed that she'd always spit up on me. I did find out the hard way that extra breastpads make decent wipes when you have a major pooper dooper and run out of wipes, as we learned at the appropriately named "Back Side Cafe" in VT.

"flowers and crap" - that was great. I can see Andy carrying something like that.

Great video.... but sorry, K was the star. You were a close second. I'd also recommend eliminating your purse as well and combining your essential items into the backpack.

Susanne - Loved the spy-like twists and turns. You make diaper bags sexy (fyi, I'm a married gal who knows Andy from DC Media Makers -- in case 'sexy' comment sounded creepy). Looking forward to more episodes! Hey - an episode idea: managing separation anxiety when out on date with spouse (and baby's at home with sitter).


Thanks for such an informative blog! I'm a first time mom due in a few weeks, and I'm taking lots of notes. This is so helpful!

Very funny. And informative, too! Keep it up.


Baby tylenol. And later, teething tablets. Hard to find when you're out someplace random, which is when you're most likely to need 'em. Of course this is coming from a known over-packer. You don't want to know what's in my diaper bag!

I agree on the baby tylenol, nursing pads and extra shirt. Kayleigh is teething right now and I sure wish I'd had the baby tylenol earlier today when we were out. I also agree that you should ditch the purse and put your keys, wallet, etc in the diaper bag. Great points! Thanks for feedback and suggestions! And Liane, due in a few weeks! That's great! I'm excited for you - we'll try to put together some more helpful videos for you

thanks for the feedback! Hey the whole babysitter/ separation anxiety thing is a great topic. I wish I had advice. We just gave away tix to The Who cause I didn't feel comfortable getting a sitter (baby won't drink out of a bottle so we're kinda stuck). Andy is looking into a discussion thread for this site so people can discuss stuff like that. I'd love to hear solutions! And I think at this point the one with separation anxiety is me.


I am also a fan of carrying infant tylenol and a spare t-shirt for the parent (if there is still room). And you hack together an emergency diaper out of a recieving blanket in a pinch.

Hi Susanne,
I LOVE this vlog. I don't have ababy and never will have one, BUT I
could watch and listen to you explain anything.

SO funny...

This is great stuff and I am going to subscribe right now!

And tell all my friends...


Steve Garfield


When going out for just a few hours, I try to keep it even slimmer and trimmer. I like to carry a small (purse sized) back pack containing the usual cell phone/wallet/keys/lip gloss and just add the necessary baby items: a Ziploc containing one diaper and another Ziploc containing a few wipes, a rattle or other small baby distraction device, a water bottle, travel Kleenexes, and a hat (cuz I worry about her little ears getting cold).

great advice! for short outings, the leanest, meanest diaper bag is best!

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