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Childproofing Your Home

Is your baby about to start crawling? You'd better get to work, then, because it's time to childproof your home. Everything from electric outlets to trash cans to dangling curtain strings could be potential hazards. Here's a checklist of some of the things we're doing to make our apartment safe for Kayleigh. We'd love to hear some of your suggestions as well!

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By the way - the shot of the boy sticking his hand in the toilet - that's archive footage. I didn't ask some kid to do that! Amazing what you can find online!


When my crawler crawled onto the countertop, I decided it was a good time to put away the countertop knife block and invest in one that goes into the drawer.


I have also heard about accidents involving the coffee carafe with most household coffee makers. Toddlers can pull it off the counter onto themselves. We have this great coffee maker that has no carafe, you push a button with your cup and it fills up. One cup at a time coffee makers also sound safer!


This is so helpful! We've got to start the childproofing soon...I'm relishing these weeks of Elsa sitting up and playing by herself and not moving! Susanne, what is that wooden box toy in the background of the video, it looks really cool!


We've also found that these magnetic locks work great for cabinets--we need them for the dog, not the baby.


Those magnetic locks are also great for older toddlers who figure out how to work the regular kind. You just have to put the magnet in a spot they can't climb to...

Hey Hallie, the toy box is from Ikea. Glad you like it!

And thanks Hallie and Carolyn for mentioning those magnet locks. I didn't have a chance to include them in the video. I'm happy you pointed them out.

i love the extra footage in your videos.this is wonderful.

Baby Toytown:

One of the most important things to secure are the edges of your home furnitures.

And of course, always keep your house clean and free of clutter, we may never know what they can put in their mouths when we look away for a minute.

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