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Air Travel With Baby

Are you freaked out about flying with your baby for the first time as much as we were? Don't worry - turns out it's not as difficult as it sounds. Here are some tips we pulled together the first time we flew with Kayleigh.

Have any of your own air travel tips? Feel free to post a comment or upload a video of your own.

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Another thing I want to add: when you get to the gate, get a gate check claim tag from the desk. Also ask if there are any rows that have empty seats. If there are, you can set up your car seat next to you and if baby falls asleep, just drop 'em in and buckle the whole car seat up (do get a gate claim tag for the car seat though in case the plane fills up and they need that seat after all - it's not a big deal to check it then). Or you could pay for a seat for your baby's car seat but you may end up holding them most of the flight anyway (besides it's expensive to do that). Once baby is 2 years old you have to get them their own seat.

I wish more parents would take your advice.


Can you please make the MPEG-4 videos iPod compatible? This "video podcast" can't be played back on a Video iPod. The audio sampling frequency is apparently too low (go for 48 KHz instead of 32 KHz).

Hi Theo,
we're working on it. still trying to work out all the kinks.
Thanks for pointing it out. We're concerned about making the file sizes too large which is why we reduced the khz rate.


Great video! Now what do you pack for baby on the trip and how about changing diapers on the plane? We are getting ready for our first plane trip next weekend, fingers crossed Elsa will be as good as Kayleigh!

Hi Hallie,
As for changing diapers on the plane that is a trick. I go to the closet (oh I mean bathroom) on the plane, kneel down and lay the changing pad on the toilet lid. It is a dodgy operation though and a real balancing act with baby (not to mention that you are in a cramped place, hoping there is no turbulence, kneeling on a dirty floor). If you are lucky enough to have an empty seat near you, you can try changing Elsa on that. And be sure to put used diapers in a zip lock bag before tossing them in the trash or the whole plane will be have to deal with that new baby smell. I hope you have a good flight!

Cristina Hanson:

Hi - When I flew with my 5 month old, the bathroom (closet) on the plane had a pull down shelf for baby changing. It was very sturdy and worked well. Take a look around in the bathroom on your plane. They may have a similar set up.


Hi - When I flew with my 5 month old, the bathroom (closet) on the plane had a pull down shelf for baby changing. It was very sturdy and worked well. Take a look around in the bathroom on your plane. They may have a similar set up.


here's a couple more helpful hints. Bring a few new toys and bring a new one out every hour or so. Even if it keeps them interested for a few minutes or so, it'll help. Also, bring a blanket or something you can throw down at the airport during layovers. It's nice for the wee ones to be able to strech out a bit. Know that all the flight attendants have had many babies on board and can help you find a good place to change or help in any way. Don't worry about what other people think, if they're bothered by a baby crying, that's their challenge. As parents we all do the best we can. If anybody wants a peaceful baby, it's us! Enjoy the travels everyone and don't let your apprehension of air travel w/ kids keep you from showing the world to them.


Well, we did it! Elsa was great on the plane--we nursed a little, but she was so interested in everything going on, her ears didn't seem to bother her though. We travelled without the carseat--Chicago was very easy to do this with. I had Elsa in the ergo carrier to go through security, and the stroller was a wonderful luggage cart.

I liked your last line of text: sit and relax and hear other people's children cry!
Unfortunately I was not breast-feeding anymore when we flew, but indeed a bottle (milk of water) does help too. A newspaper to play with even helped once too..she was so distracted that she did not even notice us landing.
Ooh and on longhaul flights make sure you order a bassinet! http://www.madeleinekrook.nl/M73.htm

I recently read an article about this very subject. It had good suggestions for toddlers and young kids, such as: a lollypop will help with the pressure changes
(if your little one is big enough for a lollypop), bring snacks, sippy cups, pacifiers and bottles. Keep kids busy with crayons or a mini Etch-a-Sketch, make up games like "what does that cloud look like" or hide and seek with the safety card, play the "quiet game", try to schedule flights around nap times, walk your toddler around the airport before the flight (maybe they will tire out and sleep). The writer also recommended passing out ear plugs to fellow passengers. The article is called "Trains, planes and pacifiers - flying with kids" by Celeste Palermo. The Parker Chronicle, March 23, 2007 (www.parkerchronicle.com)

That was a great video - and more than many parents know about flying with an infant!
I am writing to encourage you to use the infant car seat whenever flying as it is not safe to hold a child as a lap child. The real danger is unexpected turbulence.


I flew with my son as a lap child until I did the research. http://www.jetwithkids.com/book_freeChapter.html

Your baby is beautiful - keep her safe. Recommend to parents that they bottle feed on flights instead of breast feeding.

I welcome any discussion you want to have about this controversial topic. As parents, I feel we should watch out for each other.

Anya Clowers, RN

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