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Dining Out With Baby

Want to go out to a restaurant with your baby and not piss off all the other diners? Here are some suggestions on how to eat out with an infant.

Have any tips of your own? Please feel free to share them or upload your own story!

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Love it (esp the tip on connecting toys to high-chair with ribbon.

Love your kid. Reminds me of mine every time I see her. Keep up the good work you two I mean 3.

I love everything about this videoblog.

Great stuff! I am already starting to miss the days when she would sleep through meals. Kid-friendly restaurants, here we come!

Wow. I am learning so much here I almost want to borrow a baby so I can try these things. No, I said "almost." I still don't feel confident enough with kids to take them on yet. Sorry.


I love the place mat tip, and the tip for ribbons to keep toys handy and clean! We find that everything ends up on the floor, so we are going to have to try that next time we go out. The last time we went out as a family, Elsa pulled a bowl of miso soup onto my lap! If only we'd seen this video first!


Great stuff. Just remember, everybody, tip the waitress well -- those far-flung Cheerios don't clean themselves up!

Carrie, great point about tipping! I try to clean up before we leave but those cheerios are tricky and sly. Never know where they are going to end up. And the wait staff do have to clean up more than they would for the average customer with a baby. Thanks for bringing that up.


Don't give up on trying to take them out. Everyone has a bad day including children. As a waitress I have seen a family with five children sit and have a more quiet and cleaner meal than some Adults! And if you don't bring them out how are the supposed to learn how to act in public? My mom always says that she would rather take my 3 boys out by herself than have to take just my niece because they never taught her how to behave at a restuarnt

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